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We turn your dream into a reality

All the choreographies are tailored to your chosen song, your style and abilities,
just for YOU.

You will focus on what you want, at the right pace to maximise your progress at the time which fits your schedule.

We also work on your posture, elegance, confidence and walk. 

Coming to the dance floor You need to look as elegant as when you dance.


We can also teach you popular ballroom and latin dances, so you can continue to show off your style and commitment throughout the reception.


Before you start with your lesson we would like to ask you few questions. Contact us 

Studio Lessons
Dance Attic
368 North End road , London SW6 1L
AM, 77 Baker street , London W1 6RF
Grove Neighborhood Center
7 Bradmore Park Rd, London W6 0DT

Hammersmith Quaker
30-32 Bradmore Park Road London W6 0DT

Online Lessons
via Zoom

All our wedding couples are entitled to

 one month free social dance classes

                    Online Private Lesson                                     1h long                     

                   Single Private Lesson                      

1h long



                                  Bronze (Basic) Plan                                     

3 Private lessons

2min choreography to your chosen song using basic steps

                                    Silver Plan                                        

5 Private lessons

2min choreography to your chosen song

using basic steps and adding dance lines


                                  Gold Plan                                       

10 Private lessons

Up to 3.5min choreography to your chosen song

or mix of 2 songs with added styling and performance

Lessons with Principal are 45min long

Online lessons  bookimg     

Studio lessons  booking     

Group of 3+ people will have a small additional charge of £15 p/person 

*Please note that your booking is fully confirmed only upon payment

Wedding Dance

Gift Vouchers

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